ReStructure 2.0 Webinar Series

ReStructure 2.0 Webinar Series has two scopes:

  • To create an active network in which discuss about topics from the broader area of geotechnical earthquake engineering; 
  • To disseminate the research! 

Selected world-wide experts in the broader area of geotechnical earthquake engineering will be presenting their research every month.

Past recorded webinars are collected in this page. Enjoy!

Non-linear methods to account for Soil-Structure Interaction in the seismic design of bridges

Professor Luigi Callisto  – March 20 2023

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Supercomputing resources: the new horizon of the Texas Advanced Computing Center

Dr. Tim Cockerill – February 13 2023

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Towards nonlinear dynamic analyses of bio-cemented geosystems and applications in liquefaction mitigation

Professor Katerina Ziotopoulou – November 17 2022

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Seismic Earth Pressures on Retaining Walls based on SSI Principles 

Professor Jonathan P. Stewart – April 13 2022

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Influence of Soil-Structure Interaction on Ground Failure

Professor Scott J. Brandenberg – March 17 2022

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New soil-structure interaction frontiers in seismic areas

Dr. Maria Giovanna Durante – February 24 2022

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