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ReStructure 2.0 Webinar Series #7

      TOWARDS NONLINEAR DYNAMIC ANALYSES OF BIO-CEMENTED GEOSYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS IN LIQUEFACTION MITIGATION Subscription form  Abstract: Earthquake-induced soil liquefaction has repeatedly been the cause of extensive infrastructure damage documented over multiple earthquake events across the world. Research developments have ranged from focusing on the fundamental understanding of the liquefaction phenomenon, to experimentally and […]

Senatrice a Vita Prof.ssa Elena Cattaneo – Lectio Magistralis

Aula Magna " B. Andreatta" - University of Calabria Contrada Molicelle, Arcavacata

  Modulo di iscrizione L'avventura della conoscenza: la ricerca da fare e da raccontare Il 7 Ottobre 2022 alle ore 10:00 la Senatrice a Vita, Professoressa Elena Cattaneo ci onorerà della sua presenza all’Università della Calabria e terrà presso l'Aula Magna dell'Unical una Lectio Magistralis dal titolo" L'avventura della conoscenza: la ricerca da fare e […]

ReStructure 2.0 Webinar Series #6

Sala Stampa (AULA MAGNA) - University of Calabria SALA STAMPA - aula magna, Arcavacata

      Foundation Performance of Millennium Tower In San Francisco, California Subscription form  Abstract: The Millennium Tower is a 58-story reinforced concrete building that was constructed in San Francisco, California between 2005 and 2009. The Tower is founded on an embedded pile-supported mat with pile tips bearing in dense marine deposits that overlie an […]